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Aria is a story-driven platforming game that expands the dialogue of climate change denial.

The Problem

As global warming continues to grow on a world-wide scale, a majority of Earth's population still refuses to acknowledge this environmental issue. Even worse, the individuals that do recognize the problem believe that it’s too late to stop the planet's deterioration.


After effects

Team Members

Vincent Yap
Karen Zheng

1 / The Five Stages of Climate Change Denial

The storyline of Aria centers around the following five stages, and each represents a stage of climate change denial. Each setting is accompanied by a special environment and is paired with new characters that the player will meet along the journey.

2 / Creating a Sense of Community

Aria, the main character, must encounter the other creatures who are all living representations of their denial. The player must convince the others to help them in the journey to save the world by teaching them to let go of their destructive mindsets. By gathering the other characters, the player will understand that saving the planet is ultimately a collective effort.

The Results

By bringing attention to climate change denial through an immersive, story-driven game, players can understand how sometimes change can only be achieved through collaboration and moments of self-reflection.

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